“Here at the Lotus Den we specialize in coloring, cutting, and styling.  In detail, we pride ourselves on consistent color from root to ends all the while maintaining the integrity of the hair. You will not leave with any amount of root showing and it won’t be one color on your roots and another on your ends. We do everything we can to make sure to maintain “healthy” hair through the process of coloring. We cut to your demands whether it be a smidge off the ends because you want to grow it out, a new precise style or lots of consistent layers not leaving gaps, holes or shelves. We specialize in tailoring your cut to your specific needs. There is nothing worse than having a bad color job or haircut! We also pursue excellence in corrective coloring and cutting. We continue to to stay on top of current styles & trends through education & research. We have a great reputation in Ombré & Balayage (hand- painting style of coloring). We are certified in the real Brazilian blow outs (no knock offs of the original product). No matter what we guarantee you will be happy with your style and if for any reason you are not, we take every measure to earn your trust as it is a huge responsibility to make sure you look & feel amazing!”

Bethany Catalfamo, Owner & Stylist



*for more information on joining our styling team visit our careers page.*